Exciting News from Bampton Community Archive
Following a great deal of hard work by members of Bampton Community Archive and the unbounded support and co-operation from the Bampton Exhibition Foundation we are delighted to announce that our tenancy of the Vesey Room and the top floor of the library building is now official. This allows us to finish the restoration work we started with the re-roofing by replacing the staircase and completing the walls and floors of the top floor. We are still in need of large sums to fit out the Vesey Room and the upstairs area but our new security of tenure has made it much easier to raise what we need. All this has been greatly helped by the number of visitors we have had over the years, and we feel sure that the completed project will be a huge asset to Bampton village. We are determined that the building work should take place during the forthcoming quiet season. Thank you all for your support.

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